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アースカラーで寛ぎのひととき : SHIHO



アースカラーで寛ぎのひととき : SHIHO


アースカラーで寛ぎのひととき / SHIHO : REBONDIR, Senshukai, Vol. 20, 2006.

SHIHO : REBONDIR, Senshukai, Vol. 20, 2006.


I got caught up in daily chores and real myself will be lost … If you feel like that, I will leave the hustle and bustle of the city and get down to the earth full of the power of the gods little by little, gradually forgotten myself He began to wake up. If you want not only relaxation but also energy charge If you want a combination of casual items somewhat lighter impression should not wipe away. So as not to lose the power of the earth, I propose a powerful casual style that gave rich feeling and style with African taste.

我陷入了日常的琐事,真正的自我将会被迷失…如果你有这样的感觉,我将离开城市的喧嚣,慢慢地逐渐深入神的力量之中 忘记自己他开始醒悟,如果你不仅要放松,而且要能量充电如果你想要一些休闲项目的组合,轻轻的印象不应该擦掉。 给非洲的味道带来丰富的感觉和风格的风格。

photos:Kayako Asai <Image>

styling:Mariko Onishi

hair&make-up:Fumihiro Kawahara (Studio V)


REBONDIR, Senshukai, Vol. 20, July, 2006.