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ベルト付きシャツ・ワンピース, 2006


ベルト付きシャツ・ワンピース, 2006

ベルト付きシャツ・ワンピース, 2006 / SHIHO
ベルト付きシャツ・ワンピース, 2006 / SHIHO

SHIHO : REBONDIR, Senshukai, Vol. 20, 2006.

ベルト付きシャツ・ワンピース, 2006



Belted shirt / one piece, 2006

I put a patch pocket on a shirt dress with a firm image, and finished it as a safari that seems to be this year. Belt that hit Grosgrain ribbon of similar colors up and down becomes an accent, giving a look to a shirt type that tends to be serious.

Because it is a shirt type, it is also commuting! This dress can be cool dress this year. A dress in a shirt feeling, a dress of a pullover type with a sense of neatness. If you mark the ribbon as a ribbon and make it a waist mark, a feminine expression drifts in the coolest. It is a point that makes a missing with gold nude sandals is not too hard. Shirt with belt – One piece.


我把一个贴袋放在衬衫/裙子上,形成一个牢固的形象,并把它做成今年的野生动物园。 上下类似颜色的Gruglan丝带的腰带变成重音,看上去容易严肃的衬衫类型。

因为是衬衫型,所以也是通勤! 这件衣服今年可以穿得很酷。 穿着衬衫的服装,有整洁感的套衫式的连衣裙。 如果您将丝带标记为缎带,并将其标记为腰部,那么女性的表情会在最酷的位置漂移。 这是一个使黄金裸体凉鞋失踪不是很难的一点。 衬衫带 – 一件。





photos: Kayoko Asai <image>

styling: Mariko Onishi

hear & make up: Fumahiro Kowahara <Studio V>


REBONDIR, Senshukai, Vol. 20, July, 2006.