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ティアード・スカート, 2006



ティアード・スカート, 2006

ティアード・スカート, 2006 SHIHO, REBONDIR, Senshukai, Vol. 20, July, 2006.

SHIHO, REBONDIR, Senshukai, Vol. 20, July, 2006.

ティアード・スカート, 2006


A dreamy holiday that is dressed in your heart with a light skirt treated with race
There is also a Bijou tops where there is a sense of outrousal. If it is a pure white cotton tiered skirt, rich and casual is completed. Together with the chest wood beads and bangle and tongue of the same taste, it is distinct from just casual, sleeveless knit with wood beads, tiered skirt with lace.

还有一个比茹的上衣,有一个外面的感觉。 如果是纯白色的棉质分层裙子,丰富休闲就完成了。 与同样品味的胸部木珠和手镯和舌头一起,它不同于休闲,无袖的木珠编织,带蕾丝的分层裙子。

photos:Kayako Asai <Image>

styling:Mariko Onishi

hair&make-up:Fumihiro Kawahara (Studio V)


REBONDIR, Senshukai, Vol. 20, July, 2006.