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returning the garment with ironing : Qipao (Cheongsam, Chinese Dress)


returning the garment with ironing : Qipao (Cheongsam, Chinese Dress)

returning the garment with ironing : チャイナドレス チーパオ

連袖旗袍の归拔 via atelier leilei

returning the garment with ironing : Qipao (Cheongsam, Chinese Dress)

Because I used a technique called #归拔, there is a bulge on this chest even without bust darts. Today so far! Tired~!

#归拔 というテクニックを使ったから、バストダーツがなくても胸に膨らみがあります。今日はここまで!疲れた〜!

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連袖旗袍 归拔

連袖旗袍の归拔 via atelier leilei

归拔 : returning the garment with ironing


The process of returning the garment during the production process is to place the single piece or the sewn garment on the ironing table through stretching and shrinkage deformation so that the tablet can be deformed to meet the human body. It is the shortening of the fabric and the pulling of the fabric.

the performance of returning

The return of tops is mainly reflected in the waist, chest and back. These three parts are the points of return.

Return to the drawing, use the steam iron to use high-temperature steam, slow force, with a certain pressure to stretch or shorten the piece, the temperature to consider the heat-resistant fabric, return to focus on the exact location.

  1. The waist section of the garment is to be pulled apart, and the lower part of the garment is to be gathered together at the hip line.
  2. The chest should be gathered and the side seams of the pants should be straightened.
  3. The lower part of the hips should be gathered.


During the ironing process, attention should be paid to the relationship between the parts of the garment and the human body.

  • Do not use the wrong ones.
  • Do not pull out the original garments.

The garments to be pulled out must be gathered. Attention should be paid to avoiding erroneous corrections. Hot, otherwise clothing will wear on the body will appear unfair phenomenon, affecting the beauty of clothing.

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