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Maggie Cheung in Center Stage (Ruan Lingyu)


Maggie Cheung in Center Stage

Maggie Cheung in Center Stage (Ruan Lingyu) : Maggie more to see the more charm, in the flow of hope between gestures, contains a breathtaking charm. Occasionally meditation, reverie, creating a Maggie’s face, delicate and gentle, such as her, more adorable. May, Maggie went to Shanghai to film “Ruan Lingyu” film.

Maggie plays the film actress in the twenties most popular Shanghai actress – Ruan Lingyu, Maggie’s degree of popularity, only different age fills in, try to figure out on the fixed hard to her, we may wish to wait, See how Maggie played this generation of red Ling Ruan Lingyu.

「阮玲玉 Ruan Lingyu」(EnglishVersion “Center Stage”) (to amazon.com)

「阮玲玉 Ruan Lingyu」(日本語版「ロアン・リンユィ」(to amazon.jp)

Maggie Cheung on ex-boyfriend : in some years ago

Earlier, Maggie Cheung’s love letter to her ex-boyfriend was released. For a time, he became a hot topic in the film and television industry. All the artists and performers also made high speeches, sympathetically expressed condolences, and some did not think it was a big deal. And even some actress said that in the future if you really want to go with the love geese, but also in terms of the object.

Maggie Cheung in Center Stage (Ruan Lingyu) : CineMart (Hong Kong Movie News) No.259, 1991, Aug.

Maggie Cheung in Center Stage (Ruan Lingyu) : CineMart (Hong Kong Movie News) No.259, 1991, Aug.

Men and women in love are…

Men and women in love are always lost, Maggie after the sea rolling no exception. After returning to Hong Kong, Maggie still has not forgotten her boyfriend, and he intermittently there correspondence. Outsiders have been speculating, in the end who love the boring loopholes? Obviously Maggie is not, because she is the victim of the deepest, but there is no need to do so.

The remaining possibility, that is, the other protagonist of the incident × surnamed man boring to lift their own price, or his good girlfriend to retaliate, if only logically speaking, the only possible.

For the time being, apart from the source of the word of love, what we are concerned about is the response of Maggie after knowing this news. Li Zixiong, who was filming in Shanghai together with Maggie, said nothing but Maggie’s filming and placement There are also big captains to go to, just like nothing happened.

Li Zi-hsiung also said that…

Li Zi-hsiung also said that there are chatting with Maggie during free time, but the topic never involves such as hot, in the end is a focaccino with Maggie in Shanghai, filming Li Zixiong said Maggie is no different, like the usual white After the play, there are also big captains going to the high school, and nothing will happen.

Li Zixiong also said that there are also free time to chat, but the topic does not involve private property such as temples, in this regard, Maggie is not to refuse.

This probably Maggie felt that artists do not have much privacy, so the feelings of the things forever silence.

Maggie Cheung, CineMart (Hong Kong Movie News) No.259, 1991, Aug.

Maggie Cheung, CineMart (Hong Kong Movie News) No.259, 1991, Aug.

Maggie has always been proud of people. Impression of this is what she created the image. Or really my personality, “only Maggie is the clearest. However, all know Maggie know that she happy, with you forever, from the south, so in the eyes of friends, Maggie is a lively, lovely and love the girl, but this side, only to be friends with her familiar Before it appeared. Following the “people in New York,” Guan Jinpeng and her twice co-operation, in his eyes Maggie is like?

According to Kwan Kam-peng, Maggie…

According to Kwan Kam-peng, she said when she was filming in New York, she had a very special character because she was not only Maggie’s protagonist, but at that time her communication was very special. Emotional things.

“We are working together again this time on” Ruan Lingyu. “We have more communication and are no longer as strange as before. However, she did not disclose more than half of her feelings and feelings.”

Actually, everyone is very worried. Maggie still has to work due to the occurrence of his love affair. Is her mood possible to deal with it? Will it affect the shooting work?

This problem, Guan Jinpeng said we can rest assured. “Although Maggie is famous for being a personal and personal actress, she has a very good actor’s morality. As far as I can see, she does not see her particularly unhappy or has any influence on her work. I think Maggie is definitely able to separate business from personal feelings, even if the emotional twists and turns, but did not affect her work, so I said she was a professional actor. ”

Maggie Cheung, CineMart (Hong Kong Movie News) No.259, 1991, Aug.

Maggie Cheung, CineMart (Hong Kong Movie News) No.259, 1991, Aug.

Although we could not find Maggie, but from the people around her said bit by bit, we know Maggie really grew up, she knows how to cope with the sudden change of magic.

Everyone in the past said…

Everyone in the past said that Maggie was emotionally happy when she was laughing and talking with you, unhappy when it can never ignore the people, Maggie also never denied this. She explained that at some point it really did not control her emotions, but many times she did her best to cultivate feelings and interpret the next scene.

However, in view of Maggie’s performance this time, everyone felt that she was no longer a young girl when she first appeared. Instead, she showed her strong personality and, as Maggie’s elder sister said, she would cope with her Strong enough.

Since the letter was revealed, we all embrace Maggie, also worthless for her, but also worried about her blow. But knowing Maggie’s reaction, the big may be turned to appreciate, worry about her share of the strong, brave.

I believe after this blow, in Maggie’s life experience, and more to write a page, in the emotional homework, there is no doubt more than a learning opportunity. As Guan Jinpeng said, Maggie has been able to face and through a strong.

How to enjoy “center stage” I recommend

Since this movie is set in Shanghai in the 1920s, please check the fashion, how much the Qipao (Cheongsam) coming out, how Qipao is coloring the movie by all means. Please enjoy how Maggie Chan is dressed in the old Qipao.

「阮玲玉 Ruan Lingyu」(EnglishVersion “Center Stage”) (to amazon.com)


「ロアン・リンユィ」の中のマギー・チャン : マギー・チャンはより多くの魅力を見せます。ジェスチャーの間に希望の流れを表現して息をのむような魅力を含んでいます。 時には瞑想、幻想、マギーの顔を形づくる繊細で優しい、彼女らしく愛らしく。

5月、マギーは映画「阮玲玉」撮影のために上海に行きました。マギーは20年代で最も人気のあった上海の女優を映画で演じます。その阮玲玉とマギーとはともに人気女優ですが唯一年齢が異なりました。その差を埋めるために彼女は、阮玲玉というハードに固定された女優を、 マギーがあの時代をどのように演技したのかご覧ください。



「阮玲玉 Ruan Lingyu」(日本語版「ロアン・リンユィ」(to amazon.jp)

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