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Chelsea 雀兒喜 : Model from Taiwan with a good style



Chelsea 雀兒喜 : Model from Taiwan with a good style

Chelsea 雀兒喜

Chelsea / Photographer : Devin Tai, Stylist : DiDi Lin, Model : 雀兒喜 Chelsea

Photographer : Devin Tai, Stylist : DiDi Lin, Model : 雀兒喜(Chelsea)via Facebook 雀兒喜


Photographer : Devin Tai, Stylist : DiDi Lin, Model : 雀兒喜(Chelsea)

Photographer : Devin Tai, Stylist : DiDi Lin, Model : 雀兒喜(Chelsea)via Facebook 雀兒喜


Impression of photo

Chelsea is a model from Taiwan with a good style.

I was surprised at the color scheme of this costume. This costume is not simply allocated two colors, but it consists of three colors, red, white and blue as you see.

The hat has many balls and has the same color scheme as the costume. The hat has many red and blue, the clothes has many blue and white. Her face is located between this flashy combination. Exquisite is that it puts red and white on the face. Lips painted red the same as hats and costumes. And skin color. With this arrangement, the face becomes part of clothing or becomes part of a hat (or head).

Clothing decoration is reduced from the body to the neck, you can see that the clothing fabric is transparent. It is her neat face and make-up that reigns on clothing. It is the standing collar (mandarin collar) that attracts the face, and she says ‘China and West Merger’ is the most symbolic of this Chinese traditional standing.

Decorations that seem to be peacocks on the body part, and its feathers are about to fly across the shoulder. No, they may be flying, already. On the other hand, the red of hat that looks heavy represents static.

So, is her face dynamic or static? Please come and meet with her into facebook (outer link) and decide it.







那么,她的脸是动态的还是静态的?请来和她见面 facebook (outer link),并决定。


チェルシー(Chelsea 雀兒喜)はスタイルの良い台湾出身のモデルです。






Photographer : Devin Tai (Facebook)

Stylist : DiDi Lin (Facebook)

Model : Chelsea (Facebook)